Paint ups


These paint ups are drawn in illustrator and photoshop and are for a cool diamonds competition project. Through the exploration of the human body I re-designed the heart. Subtly achieving this by layering cellular structures over the form of the heart and incorporating design elements inspired by the lungs.
The heart shape was divided between two parts of the necklace a broken heart, or two parts of a whole. This signifies a partnership or interaction between two people whether it is best friends, lovers, or mum and daughter.
Hearts are common iconography within jewellery, but this fresh take on the heart demands a second glance. The intricate shapes and unusualness of the piece ignites curiosity and intrigue in the spectator.









These paint ups are drawn on illustrator and then painted by hand. This collection is about life, past, present and future, Age, beauty and ownership. I was inspired by diamonds longevity and mans obsession with this stone. I explored unusual cuts of stones between raw and cut.