A link between art and science


Science has always inspired my work, but what has really excited me is the intersection of art and science. I am interested in how scientists can use art as a communicative tool and how artists can be inspired by science to create innovation within concepts and design.

I used science as a means of exploration and research for this project. I influenced by some of the past art/scientists such as Leonardo da vinci and Ernst heackel I decided to do experimentation in the areas of dissection and microbiology as these methodology’s uncover beauty’s that were once unseen.

I chose to explore the heart and brain because the heart and brain are intrinsically linked. If the brain didn’t receive blood from the heart then it wouldn’t function, and if the heart didn’t receive messages from the brain it wouldn’t beat. This connection is also apparent in our cultural history; the heart was seen as the place for emotion, but we now know that this occurs in the brain.

The heart holds great symbolic significance representing love and emotion and is a symbol recognized all over the world. The word heart is also used in lots of saying such as ‘heart of gold’ or ‘from the bottom of my heart’ in this collection I used this widely recognisable symbol to create a fresh perspective in the meaning of the heart.